Thank you so much for ordering your custom wedding map,

we are excited to create it for you!

Below is the form for you to fill out. Please provide whatever information you think will help us design your map - help us see your vision! Please attach images, send links, and describe your vibe - it will all help us get to know you and to design the map that is right for you!

This is also where you will give us the locations that you want on your map. The easiest way to do this is to use Google Maps:

> Find the establishment in Google Maps.

> Copy the name of the establishment and paste it into the box for the name of the location. You can then edit the name to be how you want it displayed on the map. (e.g. Google calls it 'Casey's Market East Main Street' and you want the map to simply call it 'Casey's Market'). This will prevent typos from showing up on your map.

Include a short description for each location, which will be displayed in the HipMaps app only. These descriptions are very short, e.g. 'Best pizza in town, they also have great salads' or 'Welcome cocktail party Thursday at 6pm, casual attire' or' Try the Overlook Trail'.

Ideas of places to include on your map: wedding & reception venues, hotels, favorite restaurants, coffee shops, breweries & wineries, favorite walks & hikes, museums, shops, live music venues, cool tourist sites, planned activities like the morning-after brunch, and places special to you like where you met or where you got engaged.

And of course, if you have questions please do not hesitate to email us at

or call (707) 383-6909

Have fun!